Our daily bread… homemade and wholegrain!

Bread-baking Atelier

Bread is one of the most essential and ancient foods. As far back as in ancient Egypt we can find testimonies of bread baking and consumption. The baker’s profession has always been of great importance.
The rising of the dough is a mysterious process that isn’t easy to handle, and it takes time. A healthy rising process on the basis of lactic acid, as it can be obtained with the traditional sourdough method, makes a veritably nourishing and wholesome bread. Nowadays there is a certain degeneration of the rising techniques in bread baking, aiming at making bread baking faster and more profitable. Unfortunately we will see the outcome in various symptoms, like for example the drastic and constant increase of intolerances and allergies against breads and cereal-based foods, as well as a weakening of the immune system. Thus, we have arrived at a point where „our daily bread“ has become the contrary of what it once was: a salutary basis for man’s nutrition as well as an art.


At the Casa Gialla we teach you how to make your own bread, from the grain to the whole-grain loaf!

First of all: we only use flour from our own mill, which - freshly stone-ground - has a maximum of nutritional value. We show you how to prepare bread with a long rising-method based on homemade sour-dough. At the first meeting in the evening we will prepare the dough in its initial phase, the second meeting will take place in the following morning after 12 hours rising time. We will then conclude with the baking after which you will take the oven-fresh self-made whole-grain bread at home. In the case of allergies or intolerance against certain cereal types (like wheat), please notify us before, so we can adapt the recipes.
The bread-baking ateliers are held on appointment, individual or in small groups (max. 6 persons).


€ 35,00
for one person
including ingredients for 2 breads

€ 50,00
for a small group
including ingredients for 2 breads