Expressing oneself is fun

Conversation lessons

Languages are there to be spoken, they are the basis for meeting people from other places and cultures. Expressing ourselves can be great fun, but foreign languages can cause us difficulties when we are faced with unknown words and ways of thinking. For the speaking of a language we need more than only grammar and vocabulary, we also need the courage to try and fail and find out more appropriate ways of expression.


Together we decide of which topic we will speak, e.g. about films, literature or articles, depending on your interests and needs!.


Also possibile: Preparation for language certificates (A1-C1).


The lessons take place on appointment. They are normally individual but they can also be held in small groups (2-5 persons).


Translations (Italian -> English; German -> English; English -> German) in all subjects and sectors are possible on request.


€ 15,00
1 lesson of 60 min.

5 lessons of 60 min.

10 lessons of 60 min.