Being creative, living in one’s own mind

Courses in creativity, drawing and painting

Let’s learn to observe the forms of nature with greater attention: perspective, plasticity, shading, color, composition. We can express ourselves in various techniques and with various materials: pencils, chalks, acrylic… Art has its beginning point within the objective vision of the outside world. It is there, within the discovery of the world’s mysteries, that we can find our greatest inspiration for creative expression.


Lessons take place on appointment, individual as well as in small groups of 2-6 persons. We can meet in the studio of the Casa Gialla or outdoors in nature. All materials are furnished. Courses are for adults and children.

It is also possible to take individual classes during your holidays.

Individual lessons

€ 20,00
1 lesson of 90 min

€ 80,00
5 lessons of 90 min

Group lessons

 2-6 persons

€ 12,00
per person
1 lessons of 90 min

€ 60,00
per person
5 lessons of 90 min