The Path of beauty

Welcome to the Casa Gialla,

a place to meet - for people and ideas, for the arts and cultural initiatives; a place to breathe in an open and light atmosphere. Our activities are for people of all ages. Our goal is to inspire and reawaken creativity, communication and to promote well-being.


The founders of the Casa Gialla

are Klaus and Cornelia Oppermann: „We have chosen this house in the Fiemme Valley because this wide and limpid valley with its culturally lively town Cavalese seemed to us an ideal environment to realize our project.“


Cornelia teaches a Yoga style which is both meditative, dynamic and flowing. The lessons can be in groups or individual.

Courses in

Art begins with looking objectively at the outside world. Let’s study the principles of observation with different materials: perspective, shading, colors, composition…


We organize and accomodate cultural evenings and events for music, literature and thematic exchanges, workshops and seminars.


In our location we regularly present new art exhibitions of various themes in an unconventional and open setting…

Conversation lessons

In order to speak, we need more than mere grammar and vocabulary skills: We need the courage to find new ways to express ourselves.


With the stoneground flour of our mill we show you how the make your own wholemeal bread on the base of sourdough levitation.